Overland Guide Level 2


 Level 2 Guide: Commercial Guide providing Adventures in developed countries within Europe



1. Pre-Ride planning

2. Able to assess riders needs and abilities

3. Check weather conditions and make judgments on the forecast

4. Plan a ride to suit the needs of the group, single or multiple days

5. Able to use GPS systems/ Maps

6. Able to give a clear and precise Pre-Ride Brief to Standard

7. Confident and positive group management skills

8. Documentations requirements and organisational procedures

9. Duty of Care

10. Customer Care

11. Incident Management

12. Understands Access in the relevant locations of operations.

13. Understands their role and how to manage Level 1 Run Leaders

14. Understands Multi-day advenutres and how to set appropriate distances and expectations for the group.

15. Understands Guided and Self Guided forms of advenutre and how to manage them efectively.

Pre Requisites:

18 hr First Aid at Work in the Outdoors+ Helmet removal.